Sunday, September 7

Pulled Pork - Fathers Day Lunch results!

 The pork leg cooked for just over 18 hours on low heat in a mix of ginger beer, asian spices, teriyaki sauce and maple syrup. The smell was divine.
 I pulled it out and removed the string and it fell apart like this. I used 2 forks to shred the meat apart which was easy.
 Then I returned the shredded meat back into the juices and mixed thoroughly. As I had removed all of the visible fat from the roast, I could see very little in the juice. I wouldn't have done this last time as it was a big pool of lard. This was thick dark juice that added extra flavour to the meat.
We served it up in fresh rolls with an asian beetroot slaw which had a bit of tang to it and a dollop of sweet baby rays bbq sauce. They were delicious. Easy to prepare, and done well in advance it was actually one of the easiest meals I've ever done. Will certainly be adding this to my (limited) repertoire

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