Saturday, September 6

A welcome distraction

 The boys do a lot of basketball which means I watch a lot of basketball. I have never played, but through many hours over the years, I am becoming a bit of an armchair expert. The twins are in 2 teams (thankfully together) and Xandy plays in three which makes five games on a weekend - not to mention training. When I write it I sound like one of those pushy stage mums but I can assure you that I'm really not. If they don't want to, they don't have to. To them they're having fun with their mates and now at seasons end we are actually at a bit of a loss and are already missing it.

When mum was sick, even at her sickest, she would always try and go to the games. We'd worked out all the wheelchair access and she would sit and watch. 40 minutes indoors is bearable, and as they've all improved it is actually fun and exciting to watch. I miss her on the sidelines, cheering the boys on, but managing to get them where they need to be is always a good distraction - and keeps the boys active and busy.

The twins have finished the season and their section has no finals, but they have all really improved. Spence is always out the back 'training' and Benji can aways manage a goal in the game.
Xandy has made 2 lots of finals - one for his under 10 team and also the grand final for rep which is extremely exciting, given the team was a mash up of those left over kids with no real coach and here they are at the grand final!

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