Thursday, September 11

End of an era celebrations

Our last training for our playball basketball team. This group has been playing together for 18 months and in that time have really learnt and developed their skills and as a team. 

We hired the local scout hall as the team of 10 multiplies to 24 kids with siblings and add parents on top of that, no one wants that many people at their house at 5pm! It was great. We had pizza and wine and the kids could throw hoops. Fabulous.

Then we had presentations. The coaches had the help of some of the older boys had decided to award a couple of trophies.

 Benji got a coaches award for the best passer.
It was his first trophy ever. He was surprised but obviously thrilled. (and covered in pizza)
Spencer got a bigger trophy. Also his first. He got the MVP which is the most valuable player as voted by the parents each week. To get that award shows how much all his practice has payed off and how much he has improved.
 It'll be sad not to be doing this every friday night but I'm sure we'll quickly find a way to fill the evening.

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