Friday, September 26

Pinterest Win!

I saw this idea on pinterest which linked here  but I had only seen the image and thought it was exactly what we needed for our upcoming weekend away. This weekend we'll be staying in essentially school camp facilities, which means boys and girls toilets. Thats fine by me, but means the boys will have to shower in the mens and I really shouldn't be in there. 

On a whole the boys are fairly self sufficient and reliable to be able to wash themselves but they have been known to leave things behind - and I thought this could be the solution. A hanging toilet bag. 
Not only does this reduce the size of toilet bags, but it wouldn't be full of water, no soft soap which is disintergrating in the box - that is if they remember to put it back in there. 

This way I can hang body wash, shampoo and even toothpaste and toothbrush. It could hang round their neck, not have to go on the floor and in a hope, not be left behind. Awesome.

I set out with the boys to find bottles. This in itself would be a harder job than I expected. I went to every department store, chemist and supermarket. It seems that the only small bottles which are made for sale do not have the hole in the end. I went to a variety of camping shops too but nothing. I have had sunscreen on loop so I know they exist. The shopping then changed from little empty bottles to little bottles of the right format with stuff in it that I could throw out. Even this was incredibly difficult. THe only thing I'd found was a $7 bottle of sunscreen which I thought was a little much to throw out. 

I finally got lucky at the Reject Shop where I found 2 hand sanitisers fro $1. Fifty cents per bottle is certainly worth it. I decanted the sanitser into another container so it can be used, and washed out the bottles and removed the labels. 

For the boys I made lanyards with body wash and shampoo. I made an addititonal lanyard with the toothbrushes and filled one with toothpaste. Alexander is off on cuboree next week, so for him I'll reconfigure one to have sunscreen, toothbrush and also a hanging towel so it should all be easy. 

I have heaps of old lanyards lying around so just clipped it to one of them. Even though the contents are different colours, I labelled them clearly with a sharpie just to be sure no one puts toothpaste on their hair by accident!


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