Wednesday, September 3

Fallen Arches

At pilates today the focus was again on my legs. The left side of my body is bigger than my right and everything is really out of balance. When I squeeze my gluets (or my bum) the muscles work really differently and this is what we were working on today. The exercised were broken down and what we found to be the cause of the weakness on my right was fallen arches. My lazy toes can't be bothered to do any work - they just hang around looking .... um... like toes and not doing any of their toe work. As a result my arches have fallen and then knees bend in and leg twists and whammo saddle bags to carry around. Toes - you have a lot to answer for!

Part of my thoughts to get my groove back, is moulding dad to be more like mum - he has to be both now and I headed out to lunch with him. He has joined a local club and was keen to get me there and it was really lovely. It does always help when the sun is shining, but it was really nice. 

I had then arranged a long overdue eye appointment for him. that has been on his to do list for a couple of years and he was really pleased to find out apart from some magnification needed, his eyes are pretty good. We got some proper glasses for him and even though it was sprung on him, he was pretty happy. 

Speaking of happy - I have one little boy who has discovered reading. Benji and Spencer have found reading to be difficult - due to a number of factors. There are 2 of them, they are the younger children and there is generally less time, and their learning disorder has made it all harder for them. By no means impossible, just harder. Xandy being 3 years older, I have almost forgotten what they need at this age.  

Anyway, I saw that Andy Griffiths had a new book out in his series, 52 story treehouse. The 4th book. I had seen Benji recently reading one of these and thought that he or Xandy may enjoy it. Benji was one book behind, so I gave it to Xandy, and found Benji the book he needed. 2 out of 3 boys really happy. Spencer however had never read any of this series and was feeling rather left out. He asked if I could buy him the first book. What kind of mum would I be if I said no to a book? So I bought it for him yesterday and tonight while everyone else was out, we cuddled up in my bed and he read it to me. He gave it a really good go and finished the entire book in 24 hours. He was so pleased with himself that when he finished it, he closed the front cover and gave the book a kiss. I was so proud and happy that he wanted to read. Not only did he want to, but he could. Giant leaps forward.

My night ended with champagne and cake at Italy 1. A girlfriend and I both lost our mothers in August. Nothing else about the situations was similar, execpt now neither of us has a mother. I felt a bit bad for the waitress. Obviously she thought good things were happening. Not many people make appointments for dessert. Then we ordered champagne - real stuff - without looking at the menu. She assumed that good things were being celebrated. She kept coming over, smiling, wanting in on the celebration. Eventually she had to ask, "What are we celebrating?" I knew she wanted to know, but sometimes you don't always want to tell people, but she really pushed the point so I replied - "Not celebrating - we both lost our mums last month."Well that is certainly a way to get rid of someone. She was stuck there for a moment - you could almost see her mind processing it and when the penny dropped she said, as quick as she could, "Well you both look beautiful" and practically ran away! Her departure gave us more time to catch up in a way we haven't been able to do before. Note to self - schedule more dessert dates.

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